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A road we have to take...

I should be happy that I got my new car a week ago.

The past few weeks have been difficult to cope with. I've talked to a few about what's been going on. The situation has taken a turn for the worse, but one should never loose hope.

Miyavi <3

Last night I went to see Miyavi. All I can say, it was absolutely amazing! Standing in line for 12 hours, the drama with line jumpers, and stupid weaboos was worth being able to see him. My friends and I were on the second row. Getting to the venue at 9am was a really good idea.
My friend Jessica made a video log, so I'll put that up once she uploads it.

We made some awesome concert buddies. I can't wait to see them again in August.
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I'm 19 now! wooohooo. XD
I'm having a birthday bash thingy this Saturday. You are welcome to come, just let me know. :P

So, my boss just found out it was my birthday today. He is going to take my parents and I out for dinner tomorrow. He can;t today because he and my dad have a meeting right now.  ALSO, National Provision(where I work) is going to pay for my laptop! Fuck yes! :D